Mining Risk Management Consultant

RECEO is a frontline risk management company with 15 years of experience consulting to the mining and resources sector as a Risk Management Consultant. The high-risk nature of the Mining and Resources sectors makes risk management a crucial focus to protect your workforce and organisation.

As a safety and emergency management consultancy providing a specialist risk management service to the resource industry within Australia and around the globe, our Risk Management advisory service provides advice and solutions for a wide range of risk issues on your site, particularly those concerning risk around emergency response preparedness. We cover aspects of risk management from emergency personnel, equipment and training.

Emergency Risk Assessments and Site audits

Our comprehensive emergency risk assessments and site audits assess your current security, medical and rescue capabilities and then identify training, procedure updates and equipment enhancements.  We can then work with you to prepare an implementation plan to suit your operational and budget requirements.

Emergency Response Plans and Procedures

Managers of mine sites are required to prepare an emergency response plan for dealing with emergencies at the mining operation, including firefighting and the deployment and use of mines rescue teams ( RECEO can assist to develop an emergency response plan for your site that details factors including assignment of emergency response duties, worker roles and range of training and competencies, hazard identification, emergency risk levels and rescue plans, site preparation and layout and location of all relevant emergency response facilities and equipment.  We can also design emergency and evacuation drills with onsite personnel to evaluate how workers respond in emergency situations.

Risk Management Plans

We work with you to identify, assess and plan controls for worksite hazards and risks to effectively manage risk on your site. These risks are documented in comprehensive risk management plans.

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