Workforce Capacity Planning Advice

As frontline advisors and industry trainers for over 15 years, RECEO can assist with workforce capacity planning and labour needs analysis for your mining or resources organisation.

We can audit and assess your workers’ skills, including around emergency response capacity, conduct training-needs analysis and create recommendations of ongoing training and upskilling needs for your workforce.

Labour Hire

For some organisations, the most effective method of bolstering workforce capacity is by supplying properly trained and experienced personnel who are ready to work for you.  RECEO assists with labour hire, supplying personnel from a wide range of specialist skillsets for the resources industry.

Parabellum International

For a confidential discussion on how we can assist with your Workplace Capacity Planning, contact us.

Receo are now part of Receo International

We're pairing our expertise as a specialist RTO for safety services with Receo's experience in recruitment and support service delivery.