Emergency Response Training Specialists

As frontline mining and resources Industry Emergency Response Training Specialists, RECEO trains your team to meet the emergency response requirements of your site. We are proud to offer industry benchmark training in Industrial Emergency Response (IER), created to meet the needs of the modern mining operations and provide students with proven operational capability as rescuers and/or medical support.

Our IER syllabus has been designed by combining a careful selection of qualifications that deliver theory and practical skill sets relevant to Mines Rescue Teams that may require cooperation between external agencies or to maintain a higher operational capability in high risk environments.

We have tailored specific courses to in-demand industry emergency training needs including:

  • IER responder
  • IER Technician
  • IER Surface Specialist
  • IER Underground Specialist

All training for the RECEO IER syllabus occurs on site or utilises local facilities to ensure content is both relevant and applicable. We tailor our learning delivery using a mix of blended training approaches such as practical tasks combined with eLearning delivery. Rescue equipment is sourced from onsite plant or supplied by us according to your needs.

Emergency Response Competencies

We can also deliver tailored training comprised of the following competencies and more:

  • Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus and Emergency Risk Management
  • Industrial Fire Suppression
  • Compartment / Structural Firefighting
  • Aviation Firefighting
  • Underground Fire
  • Wild Fire
  • Hazardous Materials Incident Response
  • Major Hazardous Material Incident Recovery
  • Road Crash Rescue
  • Vertical Rescue
  • Trench / Pit Rescue
  • Confined Space Rescue
  • Land based Search and Rescue
  • Underground Search and Rescue (BG4) (Biopack)
  • Incident Control Team & Team Leader Training (desktop & agency interaction)
  • Drive Vehicles Under Operational Conditions
  • Operate Pumps
  • Team Leader
  • Rescue Medic

If you are seeking courses or units of competency which are not reflected here, please contact us to discuss your industry workplace training requirements.

Tailored Emergency Response Training

Consultation at the course planning stage ensures we identify your site needs and provide your operation with an effective and competent emergency response capability. To ensure site contextualisation, RECEO will liaise with site Emergency Response Management to pre-plan access to areas and gather knowledge of high-risk threats to the operation. These will be included into the training plan through use of pre-incident management plans, rescue plans and aide-memoirs. This practice is critical to ensure students are aware of administration tools available to the response group and contextualised to their local environment.

Ongoing learning

To support validation and improvement once students have completed Emergency Response Training, RECEO will continue to provide your Emergency Service Personnel with access to an annual Maintenance Training Program template which includes detailed lesson plans, practical assessment tools and a competency based reporting structure. These individual lesson plans, covering all critical risks facing a mining operation, are supported by continued access to our e-Learning Modules. We can also deliver advanced courses to your organisation.

Our Reputation

With continual project support across Australia and around the globe RECEO has become the principal choice for mining operations that require plausible and functional emergency management capability and mine site emergency response training. For further information on our operational standards, please see our Code of Practice.

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