Glass management kit


Our ZBGMK‐C Glass Management Kit stores all equipment in one easy‐stow carry bag, giving quick access to all items. The kit contains:

1 x 6mm PVC Flex Board – Large
1 x 6mm PVC Flex Board – Small
1 x Polycarbonate Hard Protection – Large
1 x Polycarbonate Hard Protection – Small
1 x Opaque Windscreen Sheet
1 x Clear PVC Patient Protection Sheet
2 x PVC Clamps
6 x Disposable Patient Protection Sheets
1 x Windscreen Removal Tool
1 x Centre Punch
2 x Cans of Shaving Foam
1 x Saver Saw with Spare Blade
1 x Glass Net
1 x Windscreen Hammer
1 x Carry Case

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