HaulBiner 6:1Rescue Kit

Mechanical Advantage: 6:1 or 7:1

Weight (in pouch): 575g / 1.2lb

Rated Load: 140kg / 308lb

Rope Size: 6mm / 1..4 Inch

Body Material: Anodised aluminium

Gas Type: Tripple lock

MBS: 16KN / 3596 lbf

Standards: EN12278; EN567


The HaulerBiner Rescue is a simple and compact mechanical advantage rescue kit with some very unique features.

Worn on the harness, the HaulerBiner features in-karabiner wheel mounting which makes the system very compact, plus a progress capture cam with on/off position.

  • Mechanical advantage of 6:1 or 7:1
  • Internal karabiner pulley wheels avoids jamming on mesh
  • Custom 6mm rope for grip, handling ease and strength
  • Suitable for pick off rescue in work at height and rope access
  • Suitable for short haul tensioning
  • Easily adjusts stretcher orientation when used as a stretcher management device
  • Supplied in a two-pouch bag for easy deployment

Three lengths available:​​

  • VISC HB105A – 105 cm
  • VISC HB165A – 165 cm
  • VISC HB300A – 300 cm

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