PI-LIT road flare


Small and rugged, perfect for police, fire, first responders, maintenance crews, DOT safety workers, etc. ICS™ sequential
flare is designed to replace traditional magnesium perchlorate flame flares. They are quick and easy to deploy and provide
warning plus directional information not available with flame or other flares on the market. The new rechargeable system is
even more environmentally friendly and offers economical savings when compared to other products on the market.

– Battery status check with push of a button
– Magnetic base (can attach to back of vehicle to create light bar)
– Five flash patterns to choose from (change patterns to all flares from any single flare)
– NEW simultaneous flash pattern (flares flash in unison)
– 12 bright Side LEDs, 4 brightTop LEDs
– Automatically selects top or side LEDs based on angle orientation of flare (lockable)
– Different LED and case color options: orange, red, blue, amber/yellow (custom colors upon request)
– Top LEDs will brightly light up inside of cone
– Turn off all flares with one button
– NEW Reverse Sequence Mode (Change the sequence direction during deployment or operation)
– Carrying case acts as charger dock and will charge all flares at once
– Sold in sets of 4, 6, or 10-flares
– Included: Carrying/Charging Case, Car Charger, Wall Charger (Rechargeable), Carrying Case, AA Batteries
19 Ricketts Road
Mt Waverley
VIC 3129
P: +61 3 9562 8800
E: rescue@ptha.com.au
W: ptrescue.com.au

– Available in both a Rechargeable or Alkaline battery system
– Battery life:~ 24-30 hours (Rechargeable), 48-60 hours (Alkaline)
– Charge time from dead battery ~ 4 hours
– No tools required to change batteries (Alkaline version)
– 360 degree horizontal viewing angle, 180 degree vertical viewing angle
– 50+ foot range (15.2 meters) between flares (when on ground)
– Rugged (can be driven over, dropped, etc.)
– IP65. Use in all types of weather (rain, snow, ice, fog, etc.)
– No limit to the number of flares in a string
– 1-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty
– FCC Compliant

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