LUKAS R 421 E2 Compact Twin Stage Ram



The R421 E2 is the world’s first telescopic cylinder with eDRAULIC technology! It is therefore perfectly geared to your real needs in real applications. This means for you: maximum stroke – minimum overall height – full freedom of movement.

Longer, higher, further: With this all-rounder you can work flexibly without hoses and at the same time clear your way with full power at all times.

Thanks to the new claw geometry, this powerhouse bites firmly in a wide variety of positions and on a variety of surfaces. So that you can make full use of the entire length of the compact giant at any location.

  • eDRAULIC telescopic ram for maximum freedom of movement
  • extended length: 1347 mm
  • no separate extension necessary
  • driven by an optimized high performance battery
  • new claws with revised geometry for even better grip
  • low weight: 19 kg (without battery)
  • Lighting of the working area in both directions

Recommended applications

  • for rescue from vehicles, e.g. to push away the dashboard
  • in the event of accidents in road, rail and air traffic, on ships
  • Rescue work after building collapses and natural disasters
  • Lifting and pushing away obstacles
  • Create and stabilize openings
Technical Data of the product “R 421 E2”
Type: Telescopic cylinder
Dimensions: 597 x 135 x 313 mm
Extended length: 1347 mm
Retracted length: 597 mm
EN-Classification: R 127/387-60/363-19,9
Total lift: 750 mm
Lifting force piston 1: 127 kN
Lifting force piston 2: 60 kN
piston stroke piston 1: 387 mm
piston stroke piston 2: 363 mm
Weight: 19,0 kg
Protection class: IP 54
Series: e2

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