LUKAS S 788 E2 All-Rounder Cutter



With a weight of only 22.4 kg, the S 788 E2 is particularly light, sits well in the hand and is a real cutting experience.

The S 788 E2 meets the Euronorm CC 200 classification! A minimum blade opening of 200 mm and a cutting depth of at least 75% of the blade opening mean that all requirements of the Euronorm CC 200 are met. The result: a very impressive cutter!

  • The S 788 E2 made it and reached 1K-2K-3K-4K-5K
  • The cutting performance for round material has also been further improved: the diameter of the round material has been increased from Ø 38 mm (S 700 E2) to Ø 42 mm
  • The round steel corresponds to the material specification in the Euronorm
  • The S 788 E2 reaches a value far above the magic “100-tonne” limit and only stops at 1,101 kN
  • The cutting classes according to NFPA are unchanged from the S 700 E2, namely A8 / B9 / C8 / D9 / E9
Technical Data of the product “S 788 E2”
Dimensions: 988 x 266 x 281 mm
EN-Classification: CC 200 K-23,6
EN cutting class: K
EN Cutting capacity: 1K-2K-3K-4K-5K
Weight: 22,7 kg
Blade opening: 200 mm
NFPA cutting classes: A8, B9, C8, D9, E9
Round steel up to: 42 mm
Cutting force up to: 1101 kN
Protection class: IP 54
Series: e2
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