LUKAS SC 758 E2 High Performance Combi-Tool



The successor of the SC 757 E2 has finally arrived. The new combi-tool SC 758 E2 impresses with better performance, a larger spreading distance and longer cutting edges due to the removable tips.

“Shark Tooth” Tips
The necessary grip when spreading when every second counts: The specially developed “Shark Tooth” tips offer maximum performance thanks to their design and the 4-row arrangement of the teeth!

  • Perfect for police, military, rescue and disaster control teams.
  • Fast opening and closing process for increased speed during time-critical rescue operations
  • Removable tips provide better cutting performance and prevent the material from being compressed between the individual pieces.
  • Aggressive knife geometry: The surface of the cutting knife is guided to the end of the blade, allowing a more aggressive blade.
  • “Shark Tooth” removable tips offer multifunctional design, with four rows of sharklike teeth for maximum performance and grip
  • Ergonomically shaped star grip enables tool actuation from almost any gripping position.
  • Each tool is supplied with two Li-ion batteries and a charger.
  • Technical Data of the product “SC 758 E2”



    Dimensions: 1065 x 275 x 284 mm
    EN-Classification: CK 43/475-J-25,5
    EN cutting class: J
    EN Cutting capacity: 1J-2K-3K-4K-5K
    Weight: 24,6 kg
    NFPA cutting classes: A8, B9, C9, D9, E9
    Round steel up to: 40 mm
    Cutting force up to: 885 kN
    Protection class: IP 54
    Series: e2
    Spreading force 25 mm inward tip: 43 kN
    Spreading force up to: 1500 kN
    Spreading distance: 475 mm
    Pulling force up to: 94 kN
    Pulling distance: 340 mm

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