Seek FirePro

Personal Firefighting Thermal Imaging Camera


When every second counts and lives are on the line, firefighters need every tool possible to increase their operation speed and enhance their situational awareness. For years, thermal imaging has been a vital firefighting technology, however mass-adoption has been cost-prohibitive. Introducing the Reveal FirePRO, Seek’s new high-resolution personal TIC with a 320 x 240 thermal sensor and intuitive software, priced to equip every firefighter in the world.

The FirePRO features high resolution imagery, 550 Meters of range, 3 distinct colour pallets, will take up to 4,000 digital

This is the first personal thermal imager on the market that is designed to withstand the rigors of interior firefighting and the most hostile industrial environments.

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Equipping every firefighter with a personal thermal imaging camera can potentially save more lives and protect property by increasing two vital parts of an emergency call, speed, and safety.

Faster Primary Search: Quickly locate victims and hot spots when every second counts.

Self Rescue: Find your way out in zero visibly conditions, reducing mayday calls.

Reduce Rekindles: Conduct overhaul with confidence to ensure the fire is completely extinguished.

First Responder & Inspection: Assess the scene for heat-related clues such as: faulty ballasts and vehicle ejections.

320 X 240: High-Resolution ​Thermal Sensor

Handheld Operation: 2.5 x 4.75 Inches Weighs 128 grams

IP67 Rated: Durable Housing

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