LUKAS SP 777 E2 High Performance Spreader



With the new battery-operated high-performance spreader SP 777 E2, we have achieved one of our most ambitious goals: to build battery-powered rescue devices that are not only lighter than their hose-bound predecessors, but can also cover almost all application scenarios. Without exaggeration we can therefore say: When it comes to the ratio of spreading force to weight, the SP 777 E2 is unrivalled – worldwide!

“Shark Tooth” Tips
The necessary grip when spreading when every second counts: The specially developed “Shark Tooth” tips offer maximum bite thanks to their design and the 3-row arrangement of the teeth!

  • Rescue without aggregate and hoses
  • Spreading, peeling and pulling without tip change
  • extremely short opening and closing times for fast and safe rescue
  • Sensational arm opening width: 813 mm
  • Spreading force according to EN: 63 kN
  • Spreading force maximum: 600 kN
  • sensationally light 24.6 kg (with battery)
  • biting performance thanks to innovative “Shark Tooth” tips
  • intuitive handling even under great time pressure


Recommended applications

  • heaviest rescue work in road, rail and air traffic
  • Rescue work after natural disasters
  • Peel rescue openings in metal walls
  • Pushing away and lifting obstacles
  • Deformation of metal parts
  • Pulling away obstacles with the LUKAS chain sets
Technical Data of the product “SP 777 E2”
Dimensions: 1080 x 309 x 285 mm
EN-Classification: BS 63/813 – 24,5
Weight: 23,6 kg
Squeezing force up to: 122 kN
Protection class: IP 54
Series: e2
Spreading force: 63 – 600 kN
Spreading distance: 813 mm
Pulling force up to: 60 kN
Pulling distance: 655 mm
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