10-S Manhole Air/Smoke Blower


The Superior® 10-S Air/Smoke Blower is engineered for efficient and economical smoke testing of sewer lines to detect sources of inflow and infiltration. This blower is also great for fast ventilation of sewerage collection systems and closed areas. The Superior® 10-S Air/Smoke Blower is powered by a dependable 3.5hp Briggs & Stratton gasoline engine. The 10-S Smoke Blower features a single unit sturdy metal construction complete with carrying handles for easy handling, beltguard and a 27 1/2” custom fiberglass base, eliminating the need for a separate manhole cover.

10-S Smoke Blower Features:
All Blowers are single unit sturdy metal construction with carrying handles and 27 1/2 in. custom fiberglass base.

Power: Briggs & Stratton 3.5 hp Gasoline
Carrying Weight: 65 lbs
Standard Capacity: 1800 CFM @ 1.7 static pressure*
Made in the USA
*Also available as 4200 CFM @ 3.0 static pressure, or 4000 CFM @ 4.0 static pressure.

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