Packexe Smash Glass Management


  1. To start: The film must be sticky side up and over the leading roller. Only pull a small amount of film away from the roll, as shown.
  2. Application: Both rollers must stay in contact with the glass and in a level position; ensuring controlled application, reducing
    air bubbles and creases
  3. Smooth coverage across the entire window ensures optimum performance of Packexe® SMASH.
  4. Secure the roll with both thumbs, hold one side of the dispenser firmly against the surface…
  5. break away and twist with the opposite side, finding the nearest
    perforation in the film.
  6. Process: Packexe® SMASH strengthens and manages glass and can stay in place while cutting tools are used.
  7. Removing Glass: Using the safety knife cut the film around the window edge (inside the seal line) in preparation for removal.
  8. After breaking the glass, use a glove cover to remove glass in one piece.
  9. Replacing the roll: Pop the empty roll out and replace with a new roll.
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