LUKAS SC 358 E2 All Rounder Combi-Tool



The new eDRAULIC combination device SC 358 E2 is ideal for first aid in traffic accidents and for civil protection operations. The battery-powered combination of spreader and cutter allows maximum flexibility at all times and convinces with first-class performance values in practice. Compared to the predecessor model SC 357 E2, the maximum cutting force has been increased to 492 kN and the tractive force has been increased significantly. Removable “Shark Tooth Tips” enable more effective cutting due to less material crushing, the aggressive blade geometry allows best cutting performance in every situation.

“Shark Tooth Tips
The necessary grip when spreading when every second counts: The specially developed “Shark Tooth” tips offer maximum performance thanks to their design and the 4-row arrangement of the teeth!

  • Reliable cutting and spreading without exchanging equipment
  • High-performance blade geometry for first-class cutting performance
  • Removable spreader tips for more effective cutting due to less material crushing
  • Effective pulling thanks to chain set KSV11
  • Maximum mobility through light weight (< 19 kg)
  • Impressively short opening and closing times for fast rescue
  • Powered by an optimized high-performance rescue battery
  • No aggregates and hoses necessary


Recommended applications

  • First rescue measures, e.g. creating primary access to the injured person
  • Rescue in buildings
  • Civil Protection Operations
  • Rescue work during traffic accidents
Technical Data of the product “SC 358 E2”
Dimensions: 956 x 237 x 278 mm
EN-Classification: CK 40/368-I-19,7
EN cutting class: I
EN Cutting capacity: 1I-2J-3I-4J-5J
Weight: 18,8 kg
NFPA cutting classes: A7, B8, C7, D8, E7
Round steel up to: 35 mm
Cutting force up to: 492 kN
Protection class: IP 54
Series: e2
Spreading force 25 mm inward tip: 38 kN
Spreading force up to: 1500 kN
Spreading distance: 368 mm
Pulling force up to: 61 kN
Pulling distance: 382 mm
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