LUKAS SP 555 E2 All-Rounder Spreader



The new champion of the all-rounder class: This life saver with a powerful bite offers real professionals more performance and more sense of achievement! With an enormously improved power-to-weight ratio, this compact all-rounder weighs only 16.2 kg – with 13% more power! The SP 555 rescue spreader, which has also been greatly improved in design, shows its teeth in dangerous situations during use with its stubborn “Shark Tooth” tips. To make the SP 555 even stronger, the crushing plates have been integrated directly into its arms. In short, this spreader makes you a clear winner in rescue operations!

“Shark Tooth” Tips
The necessary grip when spreading when every second counts: The specially developed “Shark Tooth” tips offer maximum bite thanks to their design and the 3-row arrangement of the teeth!

  • 16% less weight, 4% more power than its predecessor SP 310 E2
  • only 20 kg without battery
  • with “Shark Tooth” tips for perfect grip
  • Crushing plates integrated in the arms
  • optimised power-to-weight ratio


Recommended applications

  • perfect for use in mass casualties and off-road
  • all rescue work in traffic accidents
  • Push away, lift and pull away obstacles
  • Breaking open doors and deforming metal parts
  • Seal pipes
Technical Data of the product “SP 555 E2”
Dimensions: 1002 x 265 x 280 mm
EN-Classification: AS 52/730-20,9
Weight: 20,0 kg
Squeezing force up to: 115 kN
Protection class: IP 54
Series: e2
Spreading force: 52 – 658 kN
Spreading distance: 730 mm
Pulling force up to: 58 kN
Pulling distance: 569 mm
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